Aug 24, 2012

Honda Doesn't Want You to See Asimo Broken

I went to this Honda showroom a few days ago, and there was a demo of Asimo, the humanoid robot that's the car manufacturer, Honda's pride.

I noticed that the model was a little outdated. But I didn't predict the show would be cut off short by "mechanical troubles".

Right after I took the photo of Asimo being carried away(the one on the lower right) the staff announced "please do not take pictures of the robot at this moment. Also, for your safety, please do not come close to the robot.(as if it might start running around knocking people down :D ) Thank you."
Well yeah, it was a little awkward moment when I took the pic, I guess. I'm sure it's because Honda doesn't want photos of their robots malfunctioning on the Internet. But here it is, anyway.

But don't underestimate Honda for its glichiness. I'm sure it was just a rare case, and the newest model of the robot has freaking awesome features to make up for it. (like, pouring drinks and jumping around on one foot.)

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