Apr 3, 2012

Why Do the Planets Spin Counter-Clockwise Around the Sun??

All the planets in our solar system rotate around the sun counter-clockwise. No single planet goes against this rule. But why? Is some mysterious force working on the planets to make them move like that?
First, rotating directions aside,  let's look at why they're rotating in the same direction. When you think about how the solar system was formed, the whole thing was just a cloud of interstellar gas. The particles began to cluster around by their own gravity, and started to rotate as it gathered. A lot of matter gathered near the center of the rotating "cloud", forming a body which we now call the sun.
Then after a while the dust around the sun began to gather into smaller counterparts of planets, which collided with each other forming planets.

When you think about it, it becomes pretty obvious why they are revolving in the same direction; it's because the particles were swirling in the same direction around the sun, and the planets were formed from the particles.

And for the question "then why are they rotating counter-clockwise?", I have to say it's a dumb question when you think it through. The concept of "counter-clockwise" is very self-centered; it depends on where you look at the solar system from. Because we usually look at the system from the "north" side of Earth, we tend to be led to believe the planets revolve counter-clockwise. But look at it from the other side, and- the planets rotate clockwise!! It's just like how space doesn't have up and down, it just depends on your perspective. So it can be said that it is pointless to say "the planets in the solar system revolves counter-clockwise around the sun."

note: it's all right if you say where you're looking at it from, i.e. "When seen from the direction of the Polaris(the northern pole star, the planets in the solar system revolves counter-clockwise around the sun."

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