Apr 1, 2012

James Cameron's Dive; Science or Publicity?

I was amazed at movie director James Cameron's dive into the Mariana's trench. I thought going into the Titanic was enough for him, but looks like it didn't satisfy his love for exploration.
But is it really? I am wondering if this was some sort of publicity stunt, to get more attention to his new Blue Man Group movie that's based in Pandora's ocean.
Of course, we can't really determine if that was the case or not. But we can say that this dive will affect science for the better, whether it was a stunt or not. Just think about what can be happening 10.9 km below sea level! I wonder if the creatures there might even give us clues to what aliens might look like.

But don't think I don't like James Cameron- I've watched Avatar and Titanic, and I think they're both great. And when you think about it, those are the two top-grossing movies of all time. He's really talented, and not just at moviemaking too.
I've already mentioned him as a deep-sea diver, but he's participated in the designing of it too. So don't go off thinking he just paid the money to go down there. Wikipedia also lists him as an inventor and environmentalist,  and the list just goes on and on.

I hope he'll share the stuff he took with his 3D cameras miles below the sea, and that he'll make the sequel to Avatar quickly, too.

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