Apr 9, 2012

How Windows Vista might make us more sociable

I sometimes wonder if technology is making us crankier. I have experienced it. Talking to people sometimes frustrates me, after I've used my ipad for a while. Please don't think that I am an unsociable person. I'm sure you have felt something like what I said, once or twice. It is not a serious problem yet, but I have a theory for explaining this.

After we've used our iPhones and iPads(or any other digital device), we get used to the quick responsiveness of the touchscreen, the simpleness of the controls, and the swiftness of the user interface, among other things that make great gadgets great.

Then we go back to the analog world, where people often misinterpret you and do stuff you didn't expect they'd do at all. The difference makes you wonder why people are not as intelligent as machines. (well that's a bit of an over-exaggeration, but you know what I'm talking about)
So what can we do? Here it goes back to the title. If we used very slow and unresponsive machines or software(like windows Vista), we'll actually be pleased at how people understand you so much, after hours of being frustrated by said machine or software. (like Vista)

Well, I'm just joking about using slow and I'm efficient gadgets. But I would be happy if you kept this in mind as you use your devices, or when you're talking to people.

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