Jan 23, 2012

What did Da Vinci, Einstein and Newton Have in Common? They Were All Left-Handed

There is one thing I started doing last year- sometimes trying writing with my left hand, just for fun.
I'm a rightie, so the first letters I wrote with my left hand was a near-illegible mess. But as I practiced for a few weeks, my left-hand handwriting actually started to look a lot like what I used to write with my right hand.

Here's some trivia: It's not your hand that's making your handwriting look the way it looks, it's your brain. I've heard of a guy who was paralyzed and unable to use his hands, so he had to write with a pen in his mouth!! Believe it or not, his mouth-writings (as compared to handwritings) became similar to what he used to write with with his now-lost right hand!

Anyway, what I found out later was the fact that's also the title of this post. You might have heard that the right part of your brain is responsible for imagination, and the left for logic. But using your right hand stimulates your left brain, and vice versa. So, theoretically, being a rightie makes you a logical thinker, and a leftie a imaginative person.

So to improve on both imagination and logic, the solution might be as close as changing the hand you normally write with.

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