Sep 8, 2011

My Trip to Taiwan

I went to a trip to Taiwan and week or so ago. The count felt very exotic to me, as it was actually my first visit to a country that doesn't use English as a national language. So everything was in Chinese( well, most signs had English and Japanese along with it.) But, you see, most Japanese characters(kanji) come from Chinese, so with a little bit of guessing, I was able to "read"The the Chinese signs and menus and the like.

As this blog is about space, I guess I should write a bit about it here too.

On the 3rd day of the 4-day trip, I went to the Taipei Astronomical Museum.

(By the way, 天文 stands for Astronomy.) As you can see, it's pretty big.
I think this museum is a good place to go to get basic info about space, such as solar eclipses and the Coriolis force. It had tons of hands-on exhibits, and for some reason there was a Haunted Mansion-style ride on the 4th floor. (I didn't go there, btw)
There was a pretty well-made model of the LEM too.

But, the biggest dissapointment was...
The signs were in Chinese. They were at least kind enough to translate the titles of the panels to English, but I had to guess most of the parts.

Sep 6, 2011

Now We Will Go Back to the Moon- at least Domino's Japan will
Domino's Pizza Japan is "planning to open a branch on the moon". The full-flash site they made to promote is has a short introduction clip, you might want to look at it. It's in English.
moon pizza shop
I don't know if they're serious about it, but if you want my opinion, what I thought was "April first was months ago"

Sep 4, 2011

So So How is the New Prime Minister of Japan, Noda?

A new PM of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda took office a few days ago. Hes like, the 7th prime minister in 7 years or something, I lost track. The seat of PM seems to be jinxed or something, everyone lasts only a year or so. Those "annual" PM changes have continued for a while, will he be any different?
Prime minister Noda is the typical Japanese "oyaji"- he goes to a cheap 1000-yen barber, loves drinking and smoking, and jokes a lot.

He seems to be good at making speeches, so that might be why some people think that he IS the solution to all the problems we face in Japan.

But still, my family's "household reputation" of Noda isn't so good. In fact, my dad starts getting cranky every time theres a topic about him on the TV. I guess missing the first few minutes of the seven o'clock news is the best thing to do.
I also wonder if he will give JAXA, Japans space agency, more budget.
He does seem to be a "good guy" at least, but that wont automatically make him a good polititian nor a countrys leader. I think we will have to look carefully at his leadership skills for the next few months. Maybe he will exceed expectations.

But then again, he might not.