Jul 2, 2011

The Lie of "Transformers; Dark Side of the Moon"

This is the official site for transformers: dark side of the moon

First, please watch the trailer.

When I first saw this I thought it was a joke. It's got a lot of historical & scientific question marks.

The new movie seems to start with Neil and Buzz on the moon. Great. They even have the 1/6 gravity environment look pretty convincing. But when Neil's going down the ladder, you can see a jagged hill or something in the back. But Apollo 11 landed on Tranquility Base, where there's a whole lot of... nothing.
Not much geographical features, as this photo of Buzz shows.

OK, OK, I guess that mistake is pretty insignificant, at least compared to this one.

A news reporter says that "the Apollo is on the far side of the moon" and so the transmission is ended. But (in the film) NASA was using that as an excuse to explore a Transformers artifact or something, and "this was the cause of the space race".
The guys at Hollywood got one crucial fact wrong.

The time the moon takes to revolve around the Earth is 27 days and 8 hours. And because of a curious coincidence, the time for the moon to rotate around its axis is ALSO 27days 8 hrs. 

So it turns out that the moon always shows the same side to us on the Earth.

So once the astronauts landed on the moon, there's no way they'll lose touch with Earth because they can't go to the other side. (well they can, if they walked for miles and miles...)

So the whole plot of the new Transformers goes down with it.

I think I'll watch it anyway though, looks interesting.