Jun 13, 2011

The Dilemma with Space Hotels

Hi, and sorry I haven't posted for a while. There were some troubles with the RSS feed of the blog, and as you can see the "visitor counter" doesn't show up like it's supposed to and the "search" thingy is "loading" forever. I fixed the RSS problem, but the other 2 is still not fixed.

Anyway, I had this weird but nice dream of me going to a 3-day visit to a "space hotel" in orbit.
The cabin had a cool wood texture to it(which isn't the crux of the story, but it left a pretty big impression in my mind so I wrote it anyway), but the main problem was this;

Argg!!! Why is the cabin 1-G!?

The ceiling and the floor was curving upwards, so I guess it was artificial gravity made by centrifugal force.
I guess it looked something like this

But the most fun part of going to space should be the ZERO-GRAVITY!! What else? (alien encounters and the amazing view of Earth, I guess)

But still, it just isn't it with 1-G gravity.

But here's the dilemma.

Some people (well, most people maybe) could get sick from being in zero-G for a long time. Even trained astronauts do.

So, we want to enjoy the floating around but still we're worried about getting sick.(and I'm sure that's not a pretty sight...)

Which should we choose? Or, which will the space industries choose?

It's a hard choice.