May 21, 2011

Cola Rocket!!

You gotta watch for a while for the video to get hilarious, otherwise it's just a story of a man confronting a stubborn cola+ mentos.

I thought "oh, cool it looks like a rocket" and then the unthinkable happened :)

This might be a hoax, maybe, but probably not. It does look pretty real.

It's really too bad they didn't have a 3D camera! If they did it would probably be used in a lot of 3D tv ads, but I still flinched even though my PC has a normal 2D screen.

May 20, 2011

Hmm... Comet Hits Earth??

This comet called Comet Elenin is causing quite a buzz right now.
Its course will pass very close to Earth in fall, and it's got the so-called "2012 believers" buzzed up, them talking about the "end" and all that.

Nah, in my opinion, it won't hit us. When you think of the solar system, you'll get an mental image of something like this.
solar system
But no, the planets are a lot far apart, and, the sun is too small compared to the other planets in this pic.

So, there's a LOT of space between planets. And the possibility of a comet hitting us?

Very low.

True, there have been a few giant impacts to Earth in the past. But that's very, very, very, very rare.
So, we're safe.

That's what I think, at least.

May 19, 2011

Lots of Lonely Planets Popping up

Scientists from Japan and New Zealand discovered about 10 free-floating planets(called rouge planets) that don't go around stars, unlike the solar system's planets.
Its presence was predicted for a while but this is the first time someone discovered them.

I always wondered if planets "needed" to orbit around a star, or if it was just coincidental. Nice to know it was the latter.
Though there was only a few discovered this time, it's estimated there are billions of planets like that in the galaxy.

It must be so dark on the planet, with no star near it. At least there probably won't be life on these planets.

But will it? From a while ago, we only knew life that is based on water, H2O. But a while back, life based on methane was discovered, right? It's too hypothetical to think there's no life where it's so cold and dark.

Life is probably much tougher than we think.

May 18, 2011

People getting back to Their Homes in Fukushima

A week or so earlier, some of the people who evacuated from the Fukushima nuclear reactors' 30-km range went back to their houses for a while.

With a few conditions, of course.
Fukushima people back to homes

First, they had to wear the protective clothing to keep them safe from radiation.
Second, only one or two from each household could go back, and not children because they're especially vulnerable to radiation.
And, last but not least...
They had to go back to the bus carrying them in 2 hours!!!
There's only so much one can do in that short time.
Most people made lists of stuff they wanted to get from the house.
Oh, and another rule was that they could only put stuff in a 70 centimeter square plastic bag!

This reminds me of Apollo 11's EVAs. They were there for only 2 and a quarter hours, and they couldn't get much rocks.
Not to mention the bulky spacesuits.

It was "discovered" that the reactors have, in fact, melted down a while ago. I think TEPCO(the power company) knew about this from the beginning.
Shame on TEPCO.

I'm back!!

I'm back! The tests have finished. (finally!)
space shuttle in orbit
The hottest space news right now is of course, space shuttle Endeavour. (please don't mind that the photo shows Discovery)
So I might write about some of that.

And, I'd like to write more about the quake in Japan too.

May 16, 2011

134th launch of the Space Shuttle
~what will begin as it ends?~

The launch of STS-134 is close. Real close.19:47 GMT (3:47 p.m. EST), if you want the exact time. So is the end of the whole thing. This will be the next to last mision for the space shuttle.(last for space shuttle Endeavour, at least)
Space shuttles have been the symbol of manned missions to space for decades. They were a dream that came true, a spacecraft that could be used over and over again.
mission patch sts 134 space shuttlespace shuttle on launch pad
space shuttle endeavour mission photo

In my opinion, the Soyuz is a bit primitive, the rockets and the spacecraft being not reusable. But NASA's plan of the next American spacecraft is also non-reusable, so it might be that the