Apr 15, 2011

The tv ad- now with subtitles!

Remember AC's weird tv ad? I thought foreigners living in Japan would be pretty confused with it, so I put subtitles on it! Yep, I edited it!

The words in ( ) are what it would sound like in Japanese.
But I realized that putting subtitles didn't help me understand the reason of this ad's existence.

Apr 14, 2011

iPod+ Space Shuttle!

I guess I'm a bit of what you call an Apple fan, and the "pod" from my blog title comes from the iPod(though I don't write much about it). By the way "odyssey" is from "2001 a space odyssey" and maybe the Apollo 13 command module, but I don't like to think about it that way because that's what went wrong on 13.
And, I just realized that yesterday, April 13 is the anniversary for the beginning of the Apollo 13 failures.
Anyway, I found this rather amusing photo while I was surfing.(you know, the web?) Here it is
space shuttle
What's the white thing? Turns out,

space shuttle with iPod inside
It's an iPod!
When you bring these sorts of gadgets into space, you have to change the batteries in it to a battery that's not likely to burst into flames(iPods have lithium-ion batteries) because of safety precautions. Well, I can understand the need for music, even if it's hundreds of miles above the ground.


I was wondering if a spacecraft like Voyager did a swing-by of a planet, "where would the energy come from? Will the planet's rotation or revolution speed slow?" and so I asked the school's geology teacher.
Well, the answer was obvious,gravity. I should have figured that out! When the craft gets closer to a planet, its speed increases because of the gravity of it, right? And if the course is just right, the craft doesn't crash into the planet but "swings by" it with the same accelerated speed, and nothing comes out less than the original amount. So you can say it's a REALLY clean energy source!
And, anyway, I recalled something a guy told me in a space museum a few years ago.
The guy: "what would you think will happen if you lit a candle in the space station"
me: "uh... blow up?"
guy: "no, the ISS isn't filled with pure oxygen though the shuttle is. So it won't blow up. But it would *******"
And then he taught me that astronauts sleeping on thee ISS have to be careful because they would ********* if there was no *****
What do you think will go in the ***? Please answer by commenting. I'll post the answer as a new post in a few days so check back!
HINT; zero-g!

Apr 13, 2011

The Amazing Adventure of GoodnighTiger and Good MorninGazelle!

Every now and then a great tv commercial comes out and changes the world. One might be old spice, the well-crafted video of a guy going to... you gotta see it to understand.

And now, another legend is on the way in Japan.
After the earthquake, lots of tv sponsors refrained from airing their ads because, well, they weren't appropriate for a time of great tragedy.  And so this company called AC which makes these "public announcements"(or so they say) dominated the whole cm-covered part of tv shows. One of them is this;
They're saying something along the lines
"When I say "let's hang out", you say "let's hang out".
When I say "moron!", you say "moron"
When I say "we're not friends anymore", you say"we're not friends anymore".
When I say "sorry", you say "sorry."
Is this an echo? No, anybody."
I have no idea what this means, but it's from a poem by Misuzu Kaneko, a pretty famous poet here.

But that's not the legend. One of AC's ad is this;

They combine greetings like "hello" "good night" with names of animals. (like the title of this post) And it says "Magical friends are POPOPOPO~N!!!!" at 0:16 and 0:41. I'm pretty sure they're trying to say "always say thank you, hello, etc." But of course everyone took it as a joke. At my school, everyone started saying "popopopo~n!" and now this is enough to make you the class clown.
Of course parodies started popping up everywhere.
One is this, where a creature that combines "good morning" and "eel" goes berserk.

Another, "goodbye"+"lion".

I guess  this is one of the few news that are nice to hear here, with the level 7 upgrade of the Fukushima disaster.

Apr 12, 2011

The Big Red Spot- not as unchanging as I thought

The "big red spot" is the big red spot(duh!) you can see in the southern hemisphere of Jupiter. It's a sort of a hurricane.
The spot was found in1664 by English scientist Robert Hooke.(you know, the guy who found the Hooke's law-the strain on a solid(e.g.a spring) is proportional to the applied stress) Since that time, it's always been there on Jupiter for more than 300 years. Talk about a bad day on Jupiter!
The vertical length of the spot hasn't changed much since the discovery of it, but in around 1876, the horizontal length of it was about twice that of now.
There was also a time when the color was a bit reddish, but now it has a lighter color. 
Look at the size of that thing!it can fit an earth or two in it, I guess.
The spot moves around the planet, too. I had a hard time understanding this because, I thought the spot was unchanging and still. Well, the moment I saw this clip I swore that the spot moves. It's really beautiful. Taken by Voyager on its way to Jupiter.
It completes a whole turn around the planet every 6 days.

Apr 11, 2011

A Pretty Major Change in my Blog

It's a month after that terrible quake, but school has started.
Anyway, there will be a few changes to my blog from this article.

I was thinking about this blog one night and realized, "If I go on blogging I'll run out of things to write about". Of course there's a ton of o stuff to write about space, it's a treasure chest of mysteries, but unless we get them we won't know what it is. And today's technology can only get us so far. So I might run out of things to write about in the future.
That's what makes space interesting, the whole mysterious thing about it. And I think that's why I got hooked to it, too.
Oops, I got a bit sentimental. So what I want to say;
The theme of this blog will be formed around;
Knowledge of  engines and aerodynamics is what let us fly. Knowledge of gravity and the stars and a lot more  things is what let us to space. What I'm saying is, knowledge is the most basic and the important thing in science.
So that will be the theme of my blog.
Some other changes;
I'll still write mainly about space and the exploration of it.
Less I will write about is about Apple stuff. And I'll delete the Apple icon from the sidebar and put an icon "gadget" instead. Oh don't worry, you can still get info about them at my friend's blog The Phantom of Everything.
I'll write a bit about physics.
Mostly about quantum physics.