Apr 8, 2011

Japan's Earthquake- Rehabilitation has Started (part 2)

I made a new page with posters to save energy so check it out.
photos took from space of Japan after quake
And check this out! The photo on the top was took from space, at the first night after the fateful quake. The brightest lit area is Tokyo, and the zoomed-up area is Sendai.

The photo below was took on March 12th, and you can see that it's a lot darker here. It's because the government asked people to not use electricity much because we don't have enough power because of the troubled nuclear reactors in Fukushima. These days all the vending machines' lights are turned off, and in some cases even lights in train are off! Actually it's not so hard living like that, with the lights off. I think we should always do these stuff to save energy, even when we have enough of it.

And, just to make sure because some people think they're close together, Fukushima is pretty far from Tokyo. Here's a map;

The red box is Fukushima, and the blue one is Tokyo. They're pretty far apart. So there's no reason to think Tokyo is dangerous. Yet.
Yesterday there was another big aftershock (the biggest ever, actually) at about 11:30 p,. I was dozing off in my bed but I woke up because it was so big. It was about 4 on the Richer scale here. This was the first time I woke up because of an quake, actually.

Apr 7, 2011

That Was Close

We really need to do something with them space debris.
space debris around Earth
NASA monitored a 6-inch space debris for a while, and was saying it posed a threat to the ISS.
The people on the space station was going to get on the Soyuz spacecraft for cover in case it bumped into the station. But the 6-inch thing flew a few miles past the station and so they didn't have to get on the Soyuz.
Some might think "6 inches? Big deal lol" but have in mind that it's flying at a speed of  a few hundred mph. (5 miles per second actually)Then, we don't want them to smack into the space station. Right now the only solution to avoid these is just to... avoid them, like they almost did this time. Though there is a plan to clean them up, this will come a long time later.

Apr 6, 2011

New Rocket has 27 ENGINES!

falcon heavy rocket lifting off
This new rocket by SpaceX, Falcon Heavy's size is pretty crazy. First you'll notice the bottom of the thing, with lots of boosters.
In fact, when they're put together they can carry stuff as heavy as 32,000 kilograms (70,548 lb) to LEO(low-earth orbit, where the space station is).
Price of launch(copied from SpaceX's site
Mission Type:Price*
Single payload mission$95M
So it's definitely not an option for us. But still, it's pretty significant that a single company has made this huge rocket.
Oh and I signed up for their newsletter, I wonder what sort of news they're gonna send us.
Wow, SpaceX is making manned spacecraft too! Gotta find out more about them.
dragon capsule orbiting earth

Apr 4, 2011

Japan's Earthquake- Rehabilitation has Started (part 1)

As the whole world has its attention on the Fukushima nuclear power plants, news coverage on the area hit by the quake and tsunami are decreasing. (like on April 1st's World News, the only news related to the quake was about the dog) We appreciate all your help, but I felt a need to report about what's really going on in Japan right now. These were took from the morning edition of Asahi-Shinbun, a newspaper.
In Tohoku, Japan's self-defense force (we don't have an army) buried the dead. We normally don't bury the dead, we cremate them. But it was decided that it was necessary, there were so many bodies.
After they lay the coffin, they salute them one by one. After that a monk intones a sutra.
About 200 people from the force is doing this duty.
Meanwhile, the Kan administration indicates that the rehabilitation from the quake has started, by taking off their work clothes and put on normal suits.
Kan doesn't show up a lot these days. He did go to Tohoku a few days ago, but he doesn't go in front of the camera a lot. He does look tired.

I Survived the Violin Concert

I thought I was gonna have stage fright.
But I'm happy to say I went through just with very minor trips
One reason was probably because I was expecting a theater packed with people in front of me, but actually the seats weren't so crowded, and I was a bit taken by surprise and that's probably one.
Another might have been that if I tripped with something, I can't put the video here.
So here goes...

(some parts are missing, not because I censored it but because my dad didn't take all of it with the digital camera. He did take all of it with a video camera, but it's old and it can only be played on obsolete video tapes, go figure.)