Mar 25, 2011

New Stuff in Google Chrome 11

I think it's still a beta version still, but the browser was updated automatically. I sort of freaked out at the new logo. It looks so flat, I liked the older more 3-dimensional icon a lot more.
Anyway, I don't think browsing speed sped up so much in this version, this update's more like rounding the edges. My bookmark bar was almost used up in the former version, but on this version the space each of them took up was probably lessened so I have space for about 2 more bookmarks.
Other than that, I don't see a lot of changes in this version of Chrome.

It was a shock when I first started using Chrome. I'm using Vista right now (wanna change to a Mac but my parents seem to prefer Windows, though in my opinion they're slow and crash a lot) , and before Chrome, I used Internet Explorer. IE's really slow, and I can't believe I was able to stand that speed. Then, so I can at least "feel" like I'm using a Mac, I switched to Safari, Apple's browser (I think it came with the iTunes software). Transferring bookmarks was a bit boring, but when I used it, the speed!! It was amazing. Felt 10 times faster than IE. So I was happy with Safari for a month or so, but then my friend from school recommended me to use Google Chrome. He said something like "Once you go Chrome, you can't go back"(of course, in Japanese). I thought Safari was enough for me, but nevertheless I gave it a try and downloaded it...
Safari's the one with the compass icon. 
At first I thought it was some kinda map application...

First thing I noticed was that the tabs are the primary structure on Chrome. And then, the speed of browsing was again, amazing! I think of it as like a "Safari on steroids". So now, Chrome is my default internet browser. People say that the new Internet Explorer is amazingly fast, but on my PC it just crashes a lot. Weird.

Bottom line;
You should try Google Chrome for once. You'll be surprised for sure.
You can download it here.

What You Should Suspect When You See 4 Identical Death Stars Side by Side

4 identical Death Stars
Okay, this was done by photoshop, but it's the crux of this article nevertheless. What is behind this? you should suspect a gravitational lens . It's a region of space containing a massive object, which has strong gravity.

So, what does this do? Yep, it bends the light and makes a light source (a star) look multiplied, or in some cases just distorts the image of the star, like this one over here.

Its presence was predicted by Einstein in 1916, in the general theory of relativity. It was proved in 1919, when there was an eclipse. when the sun was hidden, the stars become visible because it gets so dark. But the position of a star seen near the sun wasn't where it was supposed to be. Thus, it was decided that the sun's gravity did this.

How this works: (from Wiki)

In this case, the 2 white lines are the actual light from the star, and the orange ones are virtual images caused by the lens effect.
This is pretty cool, it shows the gravitational lens effect of a faraway galaxy behind a black hole. It's just a simulation.
Oh, and by the way the background image of this blog should have distorted images of a star or galaxy caused by this, so keep looking!I think I found 2 of them.

Why is this lens thing so important? It's because this lets us "look" at things in space that we can't look at, such as black holes(which has a gravity so strong, there is no light at all coming from it so we can't see them), or dark matter (mystery objects in space that has a strong gravity but can't be seen). A map of dark matter has been made by measurements by the Hubble telescope.

Mar 24, 2011

For Bloggers;New Way to Post YouTube Videos Right on Your Blog

This is what I always wanted. Remember these tiny little youtube-players I sometimes embed into my blog posts? 
Like this one here.
Sorry if you were looking at this from an iPhone, it might be hard to watch. There'll be 2 more of this after this one. But anyway, isn't it small too small? When you click on the video, it doesn't stop playing, it just leads to the YouTube site for the video. I didn't like that. So I found a new way to embed videos onto your blog/site or whatever, in 3 easy steps. 
Step 1. Right click the video you want on YouTube. (sorry but the video's image didn't show up on the screenshot-app)
Step 2. Choose "copy embed HTML"
Step 3. Paste the HTML on step 2 to your blog post's HTML (sorry, I only know how to do it on Blogger, but this feature to edit your HTML literally should be available in all blogging services.)
And, it should show up!! The improvements are obvious. Just look;



I'm glad I found out about this feature.

Mar 22, 2011

The Space Shuttle That Never Flew

Sorry if you came here thinking this was about some kind of experimental module of the shuttle or something. But actually, this shuttle is made of people from NASA. Look at that! The shape is so precise, even though there are like a hundreds of people in it. Only rocket engineers can pull this off, I guess. I wonder why the white assembly building is a bit wide on the top, I think it's just the lens of the camera distorting the shape. There's a story behind the circle around the shuttle shape. The circle wasn't planned to be there, but far too many people working at the Kennedy Center showed up, so they came up with the idea to go around the shuttle. As I said, rocket engineers.
The whole thing was filmed by a helicopter from NASA.

Mar 21, 2011

Let's All Watch Out For Space Debris

That guy must be so confused. I'm sure he's considered UFOs. But it's not, it's space debris. Probably from a satellite. I don't even know how it survived the heat of re-entry into the atmosphere.

When it comes to space debris, the truth is that there are no ways to clean them up, at least for now, though some people in Japan are coming up with an idea. So there are thousands of them around Earth.
This is from China. The funny thing is, the used-to-be nose cone comes from a Chinese rocket too!Speaking of China, why aren't they doing manned trips to space recently?
This is the remain of Skylab, the space station.

Some More Earthquake Pics

The app store's "top free apps" were
dominated by "disaster prevention" apps

The famous crosswalk in Shibuya.
Note the turned off tv screens (to save energy)
 and the lack of traffic.

My dad took this and the one below at Shinagawa station. Just look! you can't even see the train!

Oh, and the news; My blog's pageviews have finally reached-gasp-1,000 visits!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I gotta do something to cerebrate. But what?

Since I started this blog, I've wondered when I should write one about Mars. It's a really important planet, and I didn't wanna use it just as a topic.
So, I'll write about the red planet very soon. Keep watching!

Mar 20, 2011

Mercury; a not-so-boring planet

You might want to read this about the Messenger spacecraft first if you haven't read it yet.
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun (innermost planet) in the solar system. It's about 2/5 the size of Earth. This planet is a lot like the moon, such as;

  • No atmosphere- so really hot in areas with sunlight and cold without it.
  • Covered with craters
About the crater thing, there is one called "Caloris Basin" on Mercury. This is as big as about 1/4 of the planet's diameter.

But unlike the moon, Mercury has a huge iron core, which makes a magnetic field a bit stronger than Earth's.

Mercury can't be seen from the Hubble Space Telescope, because it's seen too close to the sun and if the telescope's pointed at the really bright sun, the instruments might break.

The Messenger spacecraft is planned to begin its mission at the beginning of April. Hope they'll get new facts about this planet.

I actually thought Mercury was pretty boring compared to the other planets in the solar system. Well, I guess it's getting pretty interesting.