Mar 5, 2011

More About the Unglorious Glory Mission

The Glory Mission that was launched yesterday didn't go well, and now that NASA held a press conference about it, we know more about it.

The President Makes a Hilarious Call to Space

President Obama's known for his pretty good sense of humor(for example, when the presidential seal fell off during a speech a few months ago, and he said"That's  all right, you all know who I am".), and he let out a lot of it when he phoned the ISS on the beginning of March.

Mentioning R2, he said, "Are you guys making him do chores or do dishes up there?" and then the Discovery commander mentioned that they didn't get him out of the box yet, and then joked that he could hear noises from the container and he thinks the robot's trying to say "lemme out".
You should watch the video from the 3:30 mark.

Mar 4, 2011

Glory Mission Didn't Turn Out to be Glorious

I was sort of looking through my Twitter timeline when I caught tweets that spoke of a launch of a rocket with the Glory satellite on board soon. "Well, I can't miss that!", I thought, and made a mental note to watch NASA tv on my iPhone later. And, you know how unreliable mental notes arre, and I almost forgot. When I tuned in, it was already launched.

Anyway, it was about a minute after launch when I tuned in, and while I was thinking"a minute! Oh, why was I doing Angry Birds when I could have watched a rocket launch?", the first booster detached and continued with the second booster.

It was fine till that. Then, the commentator started saying "there was a contingency with the fairing separation". And so the mission ended in failure. The fairing that covers the satellite didn't separate, and with the added weight of it, the rocket couldn't keep its trajectory and won't be able to reach orbit.

Glory was supposed to observe the Earth and the sun, and it was launched by the Taurus XL rocket.

iPad 2- it's just as we expected

Today I'll skim the features of the all-new iPad 2. Just skimming, so be patient.
I'm sure you've already heard a lot about it, so I'll just list them.

Mar 3, 2011

Do You Have $200,000? Then You Can Go to Space!

In my opinion this is even more revolutionary than the space shuttle.
click here to see the website
Yep, it's the first commercial spaceflight agency, Virgin Galactic.
It's wonderful if I actually got to go to space, but the problem is; I don't have 200,00 bucks!!!! Even if you have the money, you'll only be in space for just 3 minutes. Here's a demo video of the whole flight.

I don't want to wear those spacesuits that look like tights...
In my opinion, I think $200,000 is too much for 4 minutes of wonder. This flight is a sub-orbital one, so it just shoots up to space but then fall back quickly. Virgin Galactic is planning to do orbital flights, ones that actually go around Earth, so that'll probably get us more time to enjoy the zero-G and the view of the planet.

I really hope I can experience zero-g some time. It'll be so cool, I'll be floating around like Superman. I have experienced it once, in a manner of speaking, though.
here, at the Tower of Terror in Disney. No, really, I swear, I really became weightless when it falls for a second or two. So if $200,000=4 minutes doesn't work out for you, try your closest amusement park.
I'll copy&paste a bit of their website here. "SpaceShipTwo uses all the same basic technology, carbon composite construction and design as SpaceShipOne. However it is around twice as large as that vehicle and will carry six passengers and two pilots. It is 60ft long with a 90" diameter cabin which is similar in size to a Falcon 900 executive jet albeit with no floor dissecting the cabin allowing maximum room for the astronauts to float in zero gravity. Each passenger gets the same seating position with two large windows: WINDOW SIZE one side window and one overhead, so that, if you don't want to float free in space, and you'd rather just remain in your seat, you still get a great chance to see the view. No more squabbling over who has the best seat!" But who would not want to float around the ship, I wonder?

Some scientists got seats on the flight recently, so I guess this space-tourism thing is gonna be a big business.

Mar 2, 2011

My Friend's Blog

My friend has a blog, where he shows these iPhone apps.
here's the link
His comments about apps are really funny, and he says his ambition is to "ride a Formula 1 through the streets in Tokyo". You should take a look at it. I've added the link to the sidebar, so you can access it from there too.

AcademyTube videos!

I'm now back to blogging, yay!!
Oh, and I started learning HTML stuff, so I might sometimes do weird stuff like the one above, as a practice. I can even make the people who come here get automatically redirected to someplace else, but I won't do that, that's evil.
Anyway, now that the finals are (almost) over, I got a couple of spring break resolutions;

  • learn how to whistle

  • get a bit of info about HTML so I can tinker with this blog

  • have fun!

  • Skype a lot of friends

  • and many more stuff.

    The topic today is Academy Awards for YouTube videos, so I'll show some of the videos I thought were funny& interesting, so it might be one from a few years ago.
    Best Sword Fighting

    This one's amazing, it's really a YouTube sensation. They've edited these themselves, to "showcase the talents of the filmmakers". So if it's you, George Lucas, looking at this, I really think you should drop them a call. :)

    They even have a sequel.
    Best Parody
    This is really clever. They combine shots from the movie and the ones they filmed themselves seamlessly, and it's hilarious! Plus, the Anakin guy looks absolutely like Hayden Christiansen.
    Now, moving onto stuff that aren't related to Star Wars...
    Oh, hey, I now realized I'll have to split the award. Before you see this parody, you'd better see the original, here. I'm sure it'll be replaced by another one soon(they'll ship new iPad 2s soon), so hurry!

    Best Song
    My english teacher showed me this. One word; hilarious.
    The Weirdest
    The guys who made this wanted McDonald's to release info about its burgers but they didn't, so they executed the CEO(no, not really.) But if you don't know that when you're watching, it's just weird.
    The Space-iest(sorry, made the word up)
    It's sort of breathtaking. You should view it from the 2:00 mark. I don't know about the BGM, but I changed my views to the space shuttle after I watched this.

    So, hope you enjoyed them.

    Mar 1, 2011

    A Revolutionary Vehicle

    Before I answer mylast blog post's quiz, ... what does STS-133 mean?
    It means that it's the"Space Transportation Vehicle's 133rd launch".
    Get it? It's the space shuttle, which is also the answer to the quiz.

    It's been here from-well, let's put it this way- the STS-1 was in 1981, so this year is the 30th one for the space shuttle, and also happens to be the last.

    The space shuttle was a revolutionary rocket when then, the first reusable spacecraft in the world. It's sort of like a shuttle bus to space.

    But, there were a few problems. One of them is that, it takes too much to launch! One space shuttle launch costs around $450 million.(by the way, if you "bought" all the 3 seats on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft, it would be just around $70 million. If it's bought, I remind you. Not cost.). There have been 2 tragedies with it too. Once whenChallenger failed to launch, and when Columbia burned up in the atmosphere because there was something wrong with the heat shields at the bottom of the spacecraft.
    Which brings us back to this photo;
    What's it doing?
    The space shuttle always does this before it docks with the International Space Station.
    While it's flipped around, the astronauts on the ISS take photos like crazy of it. It's to check that the heat shields(the black tiles) are okay, it doesn't have cracks or anything like that.
    If they do, I don't really know, the people on the shuttle might get back with the Soyuz capsule that's always tethered to the ISS.

    Feb 28, 2011

    A Quiz

    What on earth is this?
    A. a bird
    B. a plane
    C. Superman!
    D. a delta stealth plane
    E. none of the above
    I'll post the answer along with an article about it tomorrow. I still have exams, but the last day's exams aren't so hard, so I can enjoy a peaceful day away from studying for a bit.
    Oh, and the finals itself will end 2 days later, so I'll be really back to blogging then.