Feb 19, 2011

IMPORTANT; I'll stop blogging for a while

The finals in my middle school are near, and I will stop blogging for a few weeks to concentrate on my studying.
The tests are 5 days long, it's so tiring. The biology teacher's making us remember names of enzymes like pepsin and trypsin, I can't believe it. At least, on English I won't have any trouble.
They'll end on March 2nd, so I'll start writing again as soon as it's over. Until then, be sure to like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you'll see the icons on the right of the page.

And the answer to my last blog post? I don't know if the Tree will use this method, but when people want to take large cranes off tall buildings, they lift a slightly smaller crane up to the rooftop, lower the larger crane down to the ground, and repeat that over and over again.
So, in the end the final crane's size won't be larger than the period at the end of this sentence. No, it won't be. They'll just take down the final small(but not period-small) crane and use the elevator to bring it down to the ground.

Feb 18, 2011

What's tall and slender and 634 meters?

 That's the Tokyo Sky Tree. It's a new broadcasting tower being built in Tokyo, and it will be completed in a month or so. The metal structure of the tree(that's what I call it) is already complete, and right now they're jacking the antenna into place. I can see it from my apartment, actually, an I've seen it grow taller and taller. As far as  can see the tower looks like it's finished and the only thing left is to get the huge pa of cranes  off.

Gallery of Photos that I took
The observatories weren't built yet.
The larger observatory's made.
Last Christmas-they sort of lit it up 

The second one's made, too.

Took this today.
How do they get these giant cranes off tall buildings??
Post your answer as a comment. I'll write the answer on my next blog post.

Feb 17, 2011

App Review; Drift Bottle

This is a one-of-a-kind app. It's pretty addictive, and you sometimes find yourself drowsing in the beach for hours at a time(which is a bit of an exaggeration, but it's addictive nonetheless). This app lets you talk to strangers. (without revealing your personal info, of course)
As its name suggests, it's a "a bottle with a message in it reaches someone far away" situation app, but it does that instantly.You write anything you want, put it in a bottle, and then throwing with a cool UI that lets you flick the bottle with your thumb, and the animation's great. It instantly reaches someone else using the app at that time, and that person can reply to the bottle and then you have an instant e-pal. It sort of becomes like a chat conversation.
Still, there's this fact- about 1-third of the bottle that reaches you is weird(explicit). But a new feature was added to this app a few weeks ago, which is the blacklist. If you put someone to it, you won't get bottles from that guy anymore.
I think this app is really cool, and it's worth the buck.(there's a free version too.)

Feb 16, 2011

Gosh, I don’t know why I missed this. I was looking at the stats for my blog today, and in the traffic sources section I found a search keyword that caught my attention. It said “nasa to find life on saturn moon”. Well, I sure was surprised! It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but in the past few days there was a discovery that could change the world! And I didn’t even notice it. Man, it’s my biggest failure!
Anyway, the groundbreaking discovery; NASA has found strong evidence of life in space!!!
Remember Titan? It’s a really cold planet. I was hoping to be the one to find life there (no, really.), but my dreams were shattered again, they found evidence of life there. Wonder if I should be happy or sad about this…?
Cassini, NASA’s space probe, has sent data that said hydrogen gas flowing in the planet’s atmosphere disappeared at the surface, and also that there weren’t hydrogen on the surface. That led to the inevitable conclusion; the aliens on Titan can breathe.
It might sound far-fetched, but even Earth was once covered in ice (even worse than the ice age), and creatures survived the cold. There’s no reason to say life doesn’t exist on Titan.

Oh, and the biggest traffic source for my site seems to be coming from http://emailsoftwaredownload.com/ , and I have no idea why my site’s there. If you’ve come here by that website, could you comment on how you got here? Thanks.

Feb 14, 2011

A Bit About Me

Thanks everyone, pageviews to this website has surpassed the 200 mark!And to cerebrate it, I'd like to write more about myself and how this blog came to be.

A couple of years ago, I lived in the US for about 3 years, and then I moved back to Japan.
Now I go to a Japanese middle school in Tokyo, and I belong to the kobudo(martial arts) club and a string orchestra club and a geology club there.
By the way, the kobudo club doesn't have lightsabers, I just tampered with the photo.
I think I started getting interested in space a lot when I went to a trip with the geology club to Hokkaido (northern island of Japan), and stargazed there. It was amazing, I could see hundreds of stars! (I've almost always lived in the urban area, so it was a really new experience for me) I realized then that the Earth isn't as big as I thought compared to the whole wide universe, I guess.
I already had a blog in the past(Click here to see it), and first I thought it was a nice way to share what's happening in Japan with my friends in America (believe it or not, I didn't know about Facebook then), but it turned to be a failure, so I sort of turned it into a Japanese blog for my friends here. That didn't go really well too, so I turned to Twitter. (BTW I'm on facebook too) My personal account is @Yasunori313 , but I tweet in Japanese so it's better if you follow my blog's account @OdysseyPod .
 And then, I thought if I write about space on a blog, people might come and see it. But I didn't think I could write about space explorations every day, so I decided to write about another thing I like, which is everything Apple. So I started my website as a half-space, half-gadget page.
By the way, some of you might have wondered how the blog title "OdysseyPod" came to be. It's pretty simple. "Odyssey" from "2001 a space odyssey", the SF movie about space, and the "Pod" part is from the iPod. There's another reason too, and that's that this name isn't very common and so if you google odysseypod, my blog and my Twitter account will get on the first page of the search.
But I soon realized that I write more about Apple than about space explorations, and I didn't think this was so good. I wanted to make this website original, not the Apple-related sites there's already a hundred of. So, with this blog post, I decided to write mostly about the emerging space age.

Feb 13, 2011

A One-in-a Lifetime Chance on the ISS

Next month, the International Space Station might moor the largest number of spaceships, from the US, Russia, Europe and Japan.
During this historical moment, Scott Kelly (Mark Kelly's brother) and two other Russian cosmonauts(that's what they call astronauts in Russia) will fly their Soyuz spacecraft to a vantage point where they'll witness and take photos of the ISS and its spaceships.
This might be the last time something like this will happen, because the space shuttle will retire really soon- only 3 more launches left. Robonaut 2 will be on the next shuttle Discovery, by the way.