Jan 8, 2011

Pretty Good Proof that People went to the Moon

These are photos taken from NASA's LRO orbiter, which circles the moon, took 2 years ago.
Pretty interesting pics.

Yes, they are photos of the landing sites of the Apollo missions. See that tiny white dot? That's the LEM, or the lunar excursion module's bottom half that was left on the moon. 
This is really cool. Some people might say,"hey, NASA just added those things digitally, and men didn't walk on the moon.", but I'm sure these are real, and I'm just glad they didn't land on that big crater just a few yards(probably) away.
This thing really is a piece of history! Just imagine if lunar sightseeing or something like that really was made possible and people went to take photos of themselves standing by the LEM !
Wonder why President Obama scrapped the ideas to go back to the moon. After all, space really is the next frontier for mankind. Still, It's good that he promised(though with not so much confidence as JFK when he announced the moon exploration plan) that we'll be sending people to Mars around 2030. I think spacesuits for Mars will get a bit lighter than those for the moon because it's not a vacuum there, there's a thin atmosphere.
Just wonder if there was evidence of life on Mars!(don't care if it's microscopic, it's life just the same)
I'll post another pic and the link for the NASA site here.

Jan 7, 2011

What's gonna happen next year?

Well, to be specific, 2012.
I'm sure some of you saw that disaster movie. I myself saw it on my flight to Honolulu last April, and I thought it was too far-fetched. What did you think it was like?
Anyway, NASA's scientists awarded that movie 2012 the award of "most scientifically flawed and absurd movie"ever.
Yeah,  I agree with it too. I don't wanna write a whole movie review, but the story was just weird with that same-old "the main character never dies" stuff. Plus, the movie says 2012 is the last year on the Mayan Calender which makes it possible that the Mayans knew a catastrophe was gonna happen on that year. Fat chance.
If you haven't seen the movie yet, you can watch the trailer here.
And if you are really worried about that really happening, check December 21st of 2012 on your calender with a note"end of the world" or something.

Oh, but there were some scenes in the film where they did some crazy stunts from a plane, and watching it on the Honolulu flight sort of made it look real. only a bit, though.

BTW, some other movies on the list were "The Day after Tomorrow", "Volcano", "Armageddon" and a lot of others I haven't even heard off.

Jan 5, 2011

OMG!! iPad prototype leak!??

First of all, these photos are from engadget.com, and you be the judge on deciding if this is a spoof or real.
There was something that appeared to be a case for the iPad in the booth of Dexim, which makes accessories for electronics. And in that case wasc. what appeared to be a mockup of the iPad!
Just look at the thing!!! It looks like the screen of the MacBook air!
I can't really determine from the pics, but I don't think there'll be a USB port or a sd card slot. I mean, why would they do that when you have dropbox, for example? Plus, it's way too thin for the USB anyway.
But I'm concerned about the hole that looks like a screw on the back. That's pretty weird for Apple to bolt down the back of a device. So, my personal judgement is that this isn't the final thing.
It'll hopefully be released in a few weeks, anyway.
Hope Apple will make the next iPad an android-killer.

The Voyager Golden Record

As I promised, I'm gonna write about the golden record on the Voyager spacecraft. For more about the spacecraft, click here.
For some of you who wanted to know about the music recording sales certification, click here.
This disk was put in Voyager so that if an intelligent life form(in other words, aliens) finds the thing, they'll know about us. 
So, what's in it? I selected a few of them I thought was interesting.

  • natural sounds like bird and whale songs and thunder
  • an iPod with music such as those composed by Beethoven and Mozart(just kidding about the iPod)
  • spoken greetings in 55  languages
  • photos of humans in their ordinary lives
I forgot to write about exactly where the Voyager 1 is in the last post, so I'll write about it here.
    Voyager's atomic batteries have enough power to be on until 2025, something like 50 years from launch.
    In 2003, it entered the termination shock, which is a point where the solar wind(particles of electron and proton emitted from the sun) slows down to a speed slower than the speed of sound.
    It's thought the craft would reach the heliopause-the point which the solar wind dies down- in 2015.
    A graph to show you the idea of the termination shock and the heliopause- makes you really think that the solar system is a teeny part of the whole space.

    Jan 4, 2011

    The iPod nano's new feature

    I think a lot of people were surprised with Apple's "reinvention " of the nano last September. 
    Some said that it's hard to use 'cause you have to look at the controls when controlling it. I thought the new nano was a failure too, but a few weeks ago my friend got the iPod to use along with his iPhone 3GS. Well, he told me he loved it, it was so easy and simple to use! Well, I actually tried it out in Yamada Electronics(sort of like Best Buys in Japan) when it first came out, and I guess it was pretty nice. But, it doesn't support such basic things like video playback, so I decided not to buy it, even though I wanted a new iPod at that time, and so that's how I got to buy an iPod touch.
    Anyway, I've sidetracked enough, Apple submitted this patent which they might use to release a new software for the new nano soon that includes gestures that you can do without looking at the screen. 
    Tap once to pause, twice to go next, three times to go back, tap once then hold to fast forward, and twice then hold to rewind. 
    But hey, can't you do this stuff already with the earphone with mic? I think they should just pack those with the nano.

    Jan 3, 2011

    The Voyager 1

    Today, I'd like to write a bit about the Voyager 1 spacecraft. This craft's mission was to explore the outer planets, like Jupiter and Neptune. It was planned to do a flyby of Jupiter and Saturn and its moons. It launched on September 5th, 1977.
    The Voyager 1 included:
     16 thrusters
     three-axis stabilization to maintain stability
     11 scientific instruments to study objects as it flys by
     a 12 feet(3.7 meters) parabolic antenna to communicate with Earth
     a radioisotope thermoelectric generator(RTG) which is a nuclear electrical generater for the battery; you can't use solar power in space so deep.
     the "Golden Record" which holds stuff about Earth in case it's found by intelligent life-forms.

    When the spacecraft is unable to communicate with Earth, a digital tape recorder recods up to -this might be a surprise compared with today's standards- 62,500 kilobytes of data. Not gigabytes, not megabytes, kilobytes. I guess this is pretty good for something built about 30 years ago, though.
    The nuclear generator, which sounds pretty unsafe, was-and maybe is- used in remote facilities on the planet, too. For example, series of lighthouses built by the former Soviet Union inside the Arctic Circle used this to power them. This was also used on the lunar lander for the Apollo missions to the moon, and when Apollo 13 failed to land on the moon, they ditched the lander into the atmosphere. The generator was designed to not burn up in re-entry into the atmosphere, and it looks like it survived the ditch into the ocean and not emitting any harmful stuff.
    I'll soon write about the golden disk, what's in it, and if aliens exist.

    Jan 2, 2011

    Another iOS alarm bug

    Remember when daylight saving time ended, how people complained about their iPhones and iPod touches' alarm failed to keep up with it?
    That time, it was okay for me cause I live in Japan. But this time, looks like it's gonna affect almost all iOS 4 users. So be careful not to set your alarms on your iOS devices, or you might find yourself late for school, work or whatever. The bugs seems to fix itself by January 3rd.
    Found the facts from http://onlinenewswebsite.com/apple-iphone-alarm-bug-silences-the-new-year/105389/ , so I'll give credit to them.

    The new iPad; what will it be?

    As my first post on this blog, I'd like to write about the iPad. I don't have one yet, but I'm considering buying it if it has:
     a camera on both sides
     the retina display(the amazing 326 pixel-per-inch screen).
    I already have an iPod touch 4th gen, but it's pretty hard surfing the web with it, so when I don't wanna wait for my PC to boot up, but don't wanna surf on my itouch, it will be nice to have one.
    But, I wonder if such a high-rez display will be possible on a screen so large.
    So, what most likely will be on the next iPad?
      the gyroscope- probably. but I don't think a lot of people would want to hold up that big device and play "blocks"(you know, the app Steve Jobs showed at the iPhone 4 keynote.)
      a front-facing camera- Apple's really trying hard to spread facetime (with little fruit; now you can make skype video calls from iPhone and iPod touch 4g), so it will probably be on.
     this photo over here is a pic of the "leaked iPad 2 case"(and yes, it's from alibaba.com), and some people say the bigger slit on the bottom is for a USB connector. Well, Apple's pretty strict on design, and a USB port is just what will make a magical product ordinary. I think it's for the integrated speakers. (and the smaller slit's probably the dock connector.)
    The tiny hole is probably for the camera.
    But guys, this case could be a fake. I don't think Apple would make a case like this, it's just not... Applelike.
    So, this is what I think of the next iPad. I'll write more stuff about it when I get more information.