Dec 19, 2011

This TV ad was Recorded on the International Space Station

A first of its kind, Softbank has released a set of tv ads that have sequences shot in the International Space Station(ISS). Softbank is a Japanese cell phone carrier which, until a few months ago, was the only carrier to sell iPhones in Japan.
These ads featured astronaut Satoshi Furukawa on the ISS. Softbank seems to have used a program that lets people use a part of the ISS commercially(about 10,000,000 yen(128,570 U.S. dollars) an hour, if I remember correctly).

English translation;
Dog(Mr.Shirato)-Love to everyone...(Softbank's motto)
Satoshi Furukawa- Can you hear me, Mr.Shirato? Space is where I am right now, and it's amazing.
Dog- cool!
S.F.- I'm returning to Earth in a few weeks.
Dog- I'd like to go there... Can I? Space...

Cool, huh? The first time I saw this on tv I thought it was filmed on Earth with wires to imitate zero-G or something, but it turns out it was the first ever ad recorded on the ISS.
There's a longer version of it too, where the dog actually goes up there.

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