Nov 22, 2011

Why it was Brighter Outside at 9 PM than in 5 in Tokyo

Last Saturday, I went to a prep school in Shinjuku after school (yes, schools on Saturdays sucks). Class started at 5:30, and it was already very dark outside. It finished at around 9 pm, but when I got outside I felt a little disoriented.

Then I realized what was doing that to me.
Does this look like a photo taken at 9 PM? It really is. (sorry about the quality of the image)
The sky was a lot brighter than it was 4 hours ago!! I was confused and considered all possible suspects; from the" the beginning of the end of the world" to a supernova explosion of Betelgeuse.(well, it's not unthinkable)

(Of course, obviously it's very bright at night in Shinjuku. That was probably the reason, but that's not so interesting as the ones I listed, isn't it?)
So I got home, and something made me look to Shinjuku from my house(on the 8th floor).
Yep, there was this giant, fuzzy, glowing cloud above the city!!

I started suspecting  UFOs again when I realised they weren't scientifically possible. 
So I told the story to my geology teacher, and he said he noticed the phenomenon too, and taught me that it was just haze at a very low level from the ground, and that they were reflecting the lights of the city.

So the next time you see something like this, be sure to think again before pointing fingers at UFOs.


  1. Your favourite teacher11/28/2011

    nah, I still think it was UFOs

  2. well, it can be anything.
    and sorry to ask you this, but who are you? I do have a few "favorite teachers".