Nov 4, 2011

Cordless Mouses are BAD

I start off by saying that cordless mouses are the worst thing ever created since, well maybe Internet Explorer.

first of all, a cordless mouse requires batteries to operate. this was not the case with the mouse with a cord, since it just used power from the computer. but batteries are for hard to find in your houses these days(well at least mine is.) these days we use batteries just for tv remotes. (that's the situation in my house, at least) so once the batteries in my mouse are dead, we can't find the replacement batteries!! if this was the case with tv remotes it was still manageable, because they are controls on the tv itself.but not with PCs. what are we gonna do without a mouse? we can only use keyboard shortcuts for limited things. we become boat rowers without a paddle.

another problem with cordless mouses is that they use radio signals. so even when they got new batteries they sometimes don't work, interfering with another signal or something.of course, this never happens with a mouse with a cord.

and last but not least, a mouse with a cord is easy to pick up when you drop it, whereas with cordless mouses, you need to pick it up by yourself. these are the reasons why I'm using my old mouse with cords right now.