Nov 3, 2011

2011 a Space Odyssey

recently I watched the movie "2001 a space odyssey" and I had to gawk at the movie's scientifical Star Wars the big explosion and a bang is associated when someone blows up the death star. but in" 2001" all the sequences in the vacuum of space are silent. this is scientifically correct because in space, there is no air for sound waves to pass through .I think this is a good example of how much Stanley Kubrick, the director of the movie pays attention to the details. also the spaceship you see in the movies are pretty accurate too. in the "waltz" scene near the beginning, a  Spaceship-1-ish winged ship heads to a massive space station that rotates like a wheel to create artificial gravity. also I'd like to note the artisticness of the sequence. far better than the movie these days. if I went on writing about the great things about" 2001" it's probably going to take a decade , so I guess I'll have to stop here.but I think I will write about HAL9000, the talking and thinking computer that is the "villain" in the film sometime in the near future.

if you're wondering why the beginning of my sentences are not capitalized it is because I am using a voice recognition software that I showed you in my last blog post about voice recognition.