Jul 5, 2011

REALLY WEIRD Revival Minister from Japan

Say hi to Revival Minister Ryu Matsumoto.
His main job is to do rehab stuff for the areas affected by the earthquake.

Most of you are probably gonna think that this is a joke, but it's not. It's completely true.

He was selected minister on June 28th. Things were funny from that point- he had sunglasses on for some reason.
He said "You can call us the 'Team Dragon'(referring to "Ryu" in his name, which means dragon in Japanese). Our one and only goal is to stand together with the victims of this disaster."

On July 3, he visited the mayors of Iwate and Miyagi prefecture.

He kicked a soccer ball into the mayor of Iwate, saying "kick-off!"(the mayor missed the ball. for the video, scroll down.) And then he also "joked" that "he didn't know which city was in which prefecture at all". Remind you, he's the REVIVAL MINISTER!
It doesn't stop there.

When he visited the mayor of Miyagi, he got angry when the mayor arrived at the reception room A MINUTE LATER than him.
He said "That's very impolite. You were in the self-defense force before, right? Didn't they teach you that there?" After that he told the press,

"That was an off-the-record comment. Now, don't write about it, please! If you publish that story, your company is DONE FOR."

So no one published that particular comment.
Of course the press published it! :)

And as you probably guessed at this point, he is going to resign, just 8 DAYS as a "revival minister" or whatever.

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