Jul 16, 2011

Maybe the "best" Way to Go to Space Cheaply

Currently, there are no private companies that offers commercial spaceflight with a ship of their own. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip 2 might be ready next year, but the prices are sky-high.(space-high, I mean.)
virgin galactic spacecraft
So hopes are pretty low that this will be the latest family trip.

There's another way, which is to board a Soyuz spacecraft as a passenger. In this case prices are... well I don't even wanna think about it. Only Bill Gates-class people can afford it.

But there's always another way. It's a lot cheaper, though only 2 passengers can board.
plane that goes to space

It looks nothing remotely related to a spacecraft, but it can take you to the edge of space., 
This is MiG-31of the Russian air force. It's very fast, and has an amazing acceleration rate.
After about 30 minutes of normal flight, the pilot steers the plane into an almost vertical ascent. It actually goes over 1 mach when climbing.

here are a few videos;

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  1. Anonymous8/04/2011

    Hello, this must be the second time we've met today, I mean, on Aug 3. In order to go to space by a Russian Soyuz, you need to pay this company called Space Adventures. Six people have gone to space this way. And the ISS isn't an option anymore, since after NASA sended the Node3 module, also known as Tranquility, to the ISS. Because of this, the ISS always has six astronauts (and cosmonauts)as crews, which means・・・no empty rooms for tourists!!So we can't go there, too bad. Oh and Space Adventures once got sued, you know. A Japanese buisnessman named Daisuke Enomoto sued Space Adventures after his trip was cancelled by them for medical reasons after he paid $21'000'000 and no refund was given. (He lost and didn't get any of his money back, you know, poor guy・・・) So I'd say this is risky buisness. I named myself "Anonymous" but you can call me what ever you like.