Jun 2, 2011

Japan's -what- 6TH Prime Minister in HALF A DECADE

he's in trouble

Naoto Kan, the current prime minister of Japan,  is being blamed for the delay of emergency procedures at the Fukushima nuclear power plants and a pot of other complicated things.

He's the 5th PM of Japan in 4 years (if I wasn't losing track of PMs)
Weird, right? And normally, PMs stay in office for 4 years.

When Koizumi quit the seat of PM after a long happy 1980 days, Abe took on. (not read "Abe" as in Lincoln's nickname, but sorta like "a- bay")

But his health got a little bad and he quit exactly an year later, 2007 September 26.

Fukuda then became PM, but he quit an year minus 2 days later, and the reason? I forgot, cuz the list still goes on. Oh and in the press conference when he quit, he said "あんたとは違うんです"(sorry if the Japanese doesn't show up right on your browser) which means "I'm different from you". Dunno why he said that.

Next was Aso. He liked reading comics, but probably as a side effect, HE COULDN'T READ SOME KANJI(Chinese characters)!!! He quit an year minus 8 days later.

Then the Democratic Party of Japan snatched the PM seat from the Liberal Democratic party.

But don't click the back button yet, it still goes on!

Hatoyama was in office for 266 days.

Then, Kan took over from 2010 June 8th.

Yep, the same-old "1-year mark" is near. (once again, normally PMs are running for 4 years)

And uh...

He recently called out to the leader of the Liberal Democratic party, President Tanigaki(not as the leader of the country, but more like the leader of a company),

Tanigaki prime minister, I think...
oops, sorry, President Tanigaki, I think...

his biggest mistake!?

You should skip to 0:30 when everyone starts laughing
I'm pretty sure the end for Kan is beginning.

uhh... maybe you should check the news on June 8th, just in case...

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