May 4, 2011

Stop for Gas- in space!!

Going to space always had this one rule;
Bring the fuel with you or else.
Saturn 5 large rocketsaturn 5
This is why the Saturn 5 needed a big booster and tank, to carry the REST of the fuel. This was a big dilemma in exploring space.
Not for long!
gas station in space orbit earth
This is the amazing"in-space cyrogeneric propellant storage and transfer demonstration"

gas station in space

to make it simpler.
If this becomes real, it will have to be a revolution because that way, a spacecraft can actually refill its tanks IN space and go on the rest of the journey.
It could be even used in the manned Mars missions!
Of course, there are many obstacles, the biggest being
"how exactly do you refill in space? Will we use pipes? Or just throw the tanks and catch them?"

This could be a new branch of space exploration (well, maybe more of the space industry), refilling in space.

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