May 18, 2011

People getting back to Their Homes in Fukushima

A week or so earlier, some of the people who evacuated from the Fukushima nuclear reactors' 30-km range went back to their houses for a while.

With a few conditions, of course.
Fukushima people back to homes

First, they had to wear the protective clothing to keep them safe from radiation.
Second, only one or two from each household could go back, and not children because they're especially vulnerable to radiation.
And, last but not least...
They had to go back to the bus carrying them in 2 hours!!!
There's only so much one can do in that short time.
Most people made lists of stuff they wanted to get from the house.
Oh, and another rule was that they could only put stuff in a 70 centimeter square plastic bag!

This reminds me of Apollo 11's EVAs. They were there for only 2 and a quarter hours, and they couldn't get much rocks.
Not to mention the bulky spacesuits.

It was "discovered" that the reactors have, in fact, melted down a while ago. I think TEPCO(the power company) knew about this from the beginning.
Shame on TEPCO.

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