May 31, 2011

Meteorites (part 1 -Basic info)

part 2 is here
I'm gonna go to a mineral fair next Monday, and I want to buy a meteorite there, so I thought I should learn a bit about the rocks from space.

Meteorites come from space, so they have to enter the Earth's atmosphere. They enter at great speeds into it, so the friction with the air is huge and it heats up a lot. (that's why spacecrafts have heat shields- to protect it from the heat of re-entry)
this is a meteorite I have. You can see the fusion crust
it's cool knowing this tiny piece of rock came from space :)

But of course, rocks don't have heat shields, so its surface melts and forms the fusion crust- a thin(about a millimeter) black layer covering the meteorite.

The surface of the crust is a little coarse and has shallow dents, because the pointy edges melt down with the heat.

So, I thought, "a 1 millimeter layer? duh, that's nothing!" and so...
I carved A LITTLE BIT of it and tried to see how it looked like.
Sure enough, it didn't go exactly as I wanted.

But still, I think you can see a glimmer of silvery stuff peeking out from the carved area.

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