May 19, 2011

Lots of Lonely Planets Popping up

Scientists from Japan and New Zealand discovered about 10 free-floating planets(called rouge planets) that don't go around stars, unlike the solar system's planets.
Its presence was predicted for a while but this is the first time someone discovered them.

I always wondered if planets "needed" to orbit around a star, or if it was just coincidental. Nice to know it was the latter.
Though there was only a few discovered this time, it's estimated there are billions of planets like that in the galaxy.

It must be so dark on the planet, with no star near it. At least there probably won't be life on these planets.

But will it? From a while ago, we only knew life that is based on water, H2O. But a while back, life based on methane was discovered, right? It's too hypothetical to think there's no life where it's so cold and dark.

Life is probably much tougher than we think.

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