May 6, 2011

How to put your iPhone/iPod/iPad back to jail (unjailbreak)

I jailbroke my iPod touch a few weeks ago. One reason was because my friend at school persuaded me to, he said "you can do all these cool stuff! You can turn wifi on and off quickly, and even change the theme of the iPod!"
So I considered the pros and cons of jailbreaking, and I decided to do it. I installed redsn0w(yes, it's spelled with a zero) and followed the procedures, and voila!
It was jailbroken. First I enabled battery percentage on the status bar. Funny Apple doesn't let you do that normally with iPods.
Then you can download apps(more like tweaks to the software) Apple doesn't allow.
SBSettings was the best app, it lets me change the settings like wifi and airplane mode from a single flick of the status bar. This is how the downloading of it looks like. If someone saw this showing up on their iDevices, they might faint, it looks a lot like hacking, lol
downloading sbsettings from cydia
 How it looks like. Note the five icons in the dock, opposed to the normal 4. search "five icon dock" for it/

Then I installed these wacky themes on it.

theme jailbreak
Image search "themes iPhone" for more.
There's even an app that lets you hack into wifi networks. (let me just say for the record that I did NOT download that)

But I realized this fact;
the battery drains too quickly!!!

Oh no... At first I thought it was a small thing compared to the other benefits. But I soon decided that all these stuff are just for... toying around.

There are a few ways to unjailbreak your iDevice, and some are really complicated, you'll have to find files and do complicated things.

But this is the easiest way to do it;

Wait for an iOS update, that'll delete all the jailbroken things . I was planning to do so when iOS 5 comes, but iOS 4.3.3 came just a few days ago which fixed the iPhone "tracking" system, so I updated it and got my normal iPod back.

I don't know if I'll jailbreak again. Probably not.

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