Apr 25, 2011

Things to do in a Restaurant While Waiting for the Food

I went to this French restaurant in Tokyo a while ago with my family to have lunch. We made a reservation for 1:30, and we got there at 1:25. We came out of the restaurant at 4 pm. Well, the main reason was probably that there was a serious glitch in the system taking orders. So I was bored, and I did a couple of things to kill the time. It is my sincere hope that someone will find this useful.
Et vous pret? (are you ready?)

  • Read a book, and not a book that won't pull you in. Read like you've never read before, get ready for about 30 minutes in the world of books.
  • See if there is a wifi spot nearby. Access it.
  • Go to Twitter or Facebook, tweet/update your status "bored, someone talk to me?"
  • After 35 minutes of blank space (when no food is served), talk to a waiter and ask "I ordered a ham sandwich, how long till I get to it?"
  • Befriend a nearby guest. Talk to him or her.

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