Apr 7, 2011

That Was Close

We really need to do something with them space debris.
space debris around Earth
NASA monitored a 6-inch space debris for a while, and was saying it posed a threat to the ISS.
The people on the space station was going to get on the Soyuz spacecraft for cover in case it bumped into the station. But the 6-inch thing flew a few miles past the station and so they didn't have to get on the Soyuz.
Some might think "6 inches? Big deal lol" but have in mind that it's flying at a speed of  a few hundred mph. (5 miles per second actually)Then, we don't want them to smack into the space station. Right now the only solution to avoid these is just to... avoid them, like they almost did this time. Though there is a plan to clean them up, this will come a long time later.

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