Apr 11, 2011

A Pretty Major Change in my Blog

It's a month after that terrible quake, but school has started.
Anyway, there will be a few changes to my blog from this article.

I was thinking about this blog one night and realized, "If I go on blogging I'll run out of things to write about". Of course there's a ton of o stuff to write about space, it's a treasure chest of mysteries, but unless we get them we won't know what it is. And today's technology can only get us so far. So I might run out of things to write about in the future.
That's what makes space interesting, the whole mysterious thing about it. And I think that's why I got hooked to it, too.
Oops, I got a bit sentimental. So what I want to say;
The theme of this blog will be formed around;
Knowledge of  engines and aerodynamics is what let us fly. Knowledge of gravity and the stars and a lot more  things is what let us to space. What I'm saying is, knowledge is the most basic and the important thing in science.
So that will be the theme of my blog.
Some other changes;
I'll still write mainly about space and the exploration of it.
Less I will write about is about Apple stuff. And I'll delete the Apple icon from the sidebar and put an icon "gadget" instead. Oh don't worry, you can still get info about them at my friend's blog The Phantom of Everything.
I'll write a bit about physics.
Mostly about quantum physics.

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