Apr 6, 2011

New Rocket has 27 ENGINES!

falcon heavy rocket lifting off
This new rocket by SpaceX, Falcon Heavy's size is pretty crazy. First you'll notice the bottom of the thing, with lots of boosters.
In fact, when they're put together they can carry stuff as heavy as 32,000 kilograms (70,548 lb) to LEO(low-earth orbit, where the space station is).
Price of launch(copied from SpaceX's site
Mission Type:Price*
Single payload mission$95M
So it's definitely not an option for us. But still, it's pretty significant that a single company has made this huge rocket.
Oh and I signed up for their newsletter, I wonder what sort of news they're gonna send us.
Wow, SpaceX is making manned spacecraft too! Gotta find out more about them.
dragon capsule orbiting earth


  1. This surely is exciting.
    I remember a contest of commercial spaceships X Prize several years ago.
    I thought something was beginning.
    Now it is becoming a reality.

    (Thank you for your comment.)

  2. It sure is a beginning of a new space age- where companies, nit governments handle space explorations. This could get interesting.

  3. Hiroki8/12/2011

    Ah, SpaceX... They're one of the winners of the COTS(Commercial Orbital Transportation Services), a contest(?) held by NASA from 2006 to 2008. COTS is a program in which NASA will give monatary support to private companies, so that they can send cargo and crew to the ISS. Now that they don't have the space shuttle, NASA
    is looking forward for a manned mission to Mars, and it's diffinitly cheaper to have private companies take care of the supply to the ISS, instead of having NASA do two things at once. SpaceX already launched two Falcon9 rockets, and the first Dragon space craft(unmanned version) survived reentry, and was recovered succesfuly later on. Their next Dragon, scheduled to launch soon, will dock with the ISS! The Dragon will dock into the ISS just like how Japan's Kounotori space craft does. It gets near the station, gets hauled by te robot arm, then gets docked. This is different compared to the space shuttle, Soyuz or the ATV. Those three come in directly, they just dock all by themselves. Oh, and the other winner of COTS is Orbital Sciences Cooperation(the folks who turned NASA's Glory into pieces). They have a lot of history, creating the Mintaur, Pegasus, Taurus, X-34, Hyper-X, DART, Orbital Space Plane, and some missile defense systems. Their space craft, Cygnus is planned to make its maiden flight this December. It will dock to the ISS eventualy. And yes, I heared on July that some people in NASA are already planning to use the Falcon Heavy for a manned mission to Mars. Falcon Heavy is huge indeed. Its the third most powerful rocket ever(the first is the SaturnV, the second is the Energia rocket), and its the most powerful at the present. I hope they succeed!