Apr 8, 2011

Japan's Earthquake- Rehabilitation has Started (part 2)

I made a new page with posters to save energy so check it out.
photos took from space of Japan after quake
And check this out! The photo on the top was took from space, at the first night after the fateful quake. The brightest lit area is Tokyo, and the zoomed-up area is Sendai.

The photo below was took on March 12th, and you can see that it's a lot darker here. It's because the government asked people to not use electricity much because we don't have enough power because of the troubled nuclear reactors in Fukushima. These days all the vending machines' lights are turned off, and in some cases even lights in train are off! Actually it's not so hard living like that, with the lights off. I think we should always do these stuff to save energy, even when we have enough of it.

And, just to make sure because some people think they're close together, Fukushima is pretty far from Tokyo. Here's a map;

The red box is Fukushima, and the blue one is Tokyo. They're pretty far apart. So there's no reason to think Tokyo is dangerous. Yet.
Yesterday there was another big aftershock (the biggest ever, actually) at about 11:30 p,. I was dozing off in my bed but I woke up because it was so big. It was about 4 on the Richer scale here. This was the first time I woke up because of an quake, actually.

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