Apr 4, 2011

Japan's Earthquake- Rehabilitation has Started (part 1)

As the whole world has its attention on the Fukushima nuclear power plants, news coverage on the area hit by the quake and tsunami are decreasing. (like on April 1st's World News, the only news related to the quake was about the dog) We appreciate all your help, but I felt a need to report about what's really going on in Japan right now. These were took from the morning edition of Asahi-Shinbun, a newspaper.
In Tohoku, Japan's self-defense force (we don't have an army) buried the dead. We normally don't bury the dead, we cremate them. But it was decided that it was necessary, there were so many bodies.
After they lay the coffin, they salute them one by one. After that a monk intones a sutra.
About 200 people from the force is doing this duty.
Meanwhile, the Kan administration indicates that the rehabilitation from the quake has started, by taking off their work clothes and put on normal suits.
Kan doesn't show up a lot these days. He did go to Tohoku a few days ago, but he doesn't go in front of the camera a lot. He does look tired.

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