Apr 14, 2011

iPod+ Space Shuttle!

I guess I'm a bit of what you call an Apple fan, and the "pod" from my blog title comes from the iPod(though I don't write much about it). By the way "odyssey" is from "2001 a space odyssey" and maybe the Apollo 13 command module, but I don't like to think about it that way because that's what went wrong on 13.
And, I just realized that yesterday, April 13 is the anniversary for the beginning of the Apollo 13 failures.
Anyway, I found this rather amusing photo while I was surfing.(you know, the web?) Here it is
space shuttle
What's the white thing? Turns out,

space shuttle with iPod inside
It's an iPod!
When you bring these sorts of gadgets into space, you have to change the batteries in it to a battery that's not likely to burst into flames(iPods have lithium-ion batteries) because of safety precautions. Well, I can understand the need for music, even if it's hundreds of miles above the ground.

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