Apr 28, 2011

In Space, Even a Cold can be Deadly

An experiment proved that taking medicine in space won't be as effective as on Earth! 35 types of medicine were brought to the ISS, then tested on Earth. It was discovered that in the 13~28 days in space, the pills' effectiveness decreased dramatically. It's still not known why.

Wow, I'm sure this will be a big problem when space travels becomes an everyday thing. If there's something that happened to the pills in space, I guess it must be the zero gravity or the radiation.
But I can't think of not having gravity affecting pills, so it must be the radiation. maybe.
Radiation, I haven't really thought about it before the earthquake and the nuclear crisis in Japan.Tokyo is safe at the moment, and it will probably always be so. The biggest peril has passed. But still, radiation is like an invisible enemy. As one worker in Fukushima put it,

"It's like fighting in a war. But, unlike wars, the enemy can't be seen."

Radiation can't be underestimated.

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