Apr 1, 2011

Golden Tickets to Drive the Moon Buggy

Just to make sure, this was written on April 1st.
My dad's friend's acquaintance works at the space adimnistration, and he heard a interesting piece of information. This is amazing! First, the basic facts;

This is the condition of the tires of the LRVs'(lunar roving vehicle) that were left on the moon on the Apollo missions. Oh and the bibliography is at the bottom of the blog post.

Lunar rovers were actually powered by electricity, so they're one of the earliest electric vehicles!! (well, you can't use gasoline, that wouldn't be practical because there's no oxygen on the moon) I like the way the driving looks reckless, I think it's because of the 1/6 gravity of the moon.

No, it's not that the cameraman was left on the moon, the footage is from the camera on the rover.
As you can see from the video(from 17), the people at earth could control the video camera on the rover, even after the astronauts left. This means there was sufficient amount of life left in the batteries of the rovers. And in the years of solitude on the moon, the capacity revived a bit. You see the same kind of things in everyday electronics, too. (like when you leave your iPod in a low-power state for a couple of hours, remember how the remaining battery sometimes goes up?)
This is cool. The battery capacity left when the astronauts just left the moon, and the capacity now, decades later.

People at the space agency were able to reverse the procedures for transmitting the current speed & position of then rover, so now it can actually be controlled from the earth.
The administration just recently realized this fact. Now, it's reported that they are controlling the rovers from the earth by a radio signal.

But that's just the beginning. From what my dad heard, the space agency will soon let 6 lucky people DRIVE the rovers!
They might choose the winners by putting "golden tickets" in the space agency's spin-off products.

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Happy April Fool's!!!!!!!!

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