Apr 13, 2011

The Amazing Adventure of GoodnighTiger and Good MorninGazelle!

Every now and then a great tv commercial comes out and changes the world. One might be old spice, the well-crafted video of a guy going to... you gotta see it to understand.

And now, another legend is on the way in Japan.
After the earthquake, lots of tv sponsors refrained from airing their ads because, well, they weren't appropriate for a time of great tragedy.  And so this company called AC which makes these "public announcements"(or so they say) dominated the whole cm-covered part of tv shows. One of them is this;
They're saying something along the lines
"When I say "let's hang out", you say "let's hang out".
When I say "moron!", you say "moron"
When I say "we're not friends anymore", you say"we're not friends anymore".
When I say "sorry", you say "sorry."
Is this an echo? No, anybody."
I have no idea what this means, but it's from a poem by Misuzu Kaneko, a pretty famous poet here.

But that's not the legend. One of AC's ad is this;

They combine greetings like "hello" "good night" with names of animals. (like the title of this post) And it says "Magical friends are POPOPOPO~N!!!!" at 0:16 and 0:41. I'm pretty sure they're trying to say "always say thank you, hello, etc." But of course everyone took it as a joke. At my school, everyone started saying "popopopo~n!" and now this is enough to make you the class clown.
Of course parodies started popping up everywhere.
One is this, where a creature that combines "good morning" and "eel" goes berserk.

Another, "goodbye"+"lion".

I guess  this is one of the few news that are nice to hear here, with the level 7 upgrade of the Fukushima disaster.

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