Mar 10, 2011

We Really Have Went to the Moon. 10 Reasons it's True (Part 3)

Part 3 of the moon landing conspiracy theory-buster series. You should see part 2 first if you haven't seen that yet.

And, I realized that talking about the 10 mistakes of M. Haga will take too much and isn't realistic, so I'll get as far as I can go today and I'll end the series at that.

6. Haga says"why are all of the photos taken on the moon artistic and professional-looking, but the cameras on the moon didn't have viewfinders and were mounted on astronaut's chests, so they can't have taken so many good photos. So they were took by somebody else."
Buzz Aldrin on the moon(original photo)
This is the original

This again shows Haga's lack of knowledge on the Apollo missions. There were many unsuccessful photos too. See Buzz on the top of the page? This photo has actually been edited to make it look better. See the difference for yourself. A black stripe was added on the top to make it look better.

7. (This is Haga's most stupid and pointless and weirdest theory on the book) Haga says,"There are almost no pictures of Neil Armstrong on the moon, just the footage of him going down the ladder to the surface. He didn't want to get into photos, for some reason." Okay, say you went to a trip to the top of the Everest, and you took a photographer with you to record the adventure. But when you show the photos to your friend, he says "But there are no photos of the photographer! Hey, did you go there to the Himalayas? Or are you making it up?" That's what M. Haga's doing.Neil Armstrong was the photographer!(There is always only one guy with a camera on lunar surface activities.)

Conclusion; M. Haga's book isn't worth reading, and we went to the moon.
But still, there are some mysteries that I don't have an answer with. Some of them are;
  1. Backgrounds of 2 photos taken on the moon from different places are very similar to each other
  2. Though when landing on the moon, the engine should be making a deafening roar, but we can't hear that from the recorded files of the landing procedure
  3. the letter "c" was found on a rock in a photo of the moon's surface

I have no ideas to confront these facts, so if you have one could you comment on it?

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