Mar 9, 2011

We Really Have Went to the Moon. 10 Reasons it's True (Part 2)

If you haven't read the part 1 and the original blog post, you should see here and next, over here.

4. Haga says "Crosshairs that are etched onto the lens of the camera seem to be behind objects on the moon, so it was added later on Earth."
For example, this photo over here.
But this is explainable, too. This only appears in white or bright things, so the overexposure of the film blotted out the crosshairs.

5. Haga points out,"There are no stars in the sky in photos of the moon. This is because they were taken on Earth, and if they added random stars, they would have to 'report' new stars. So NASA didn't add stars in photos."
Oh my gosh, can Haga Masamitsu even think? Let's look at a photo. Right, no stars. But next, let's look at a photo of the ISS with the Earth and space in the back.

Yes, there are no stars on this too! It's because the light from either the Earth or the moon is too bright to show any stars. And for Haga's information, astronauts on the moon did look at stars in the sky. So this is from Haga's lack of knowledge about man's greatest mission.

I'll leave it to this for today. Check back tomorrow for part 3!

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