Mar 8, 2011

We Really Have Went to the Moon. 10 Reasons it's True

So, The 10 reasons why.
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, just see my last post)
1. Haga says"The flag on the surface of the moon billows. This isn't possible in a place where there in no air, so the film was taken on Earth."
Well, I... uh, just look at the vid.

See? The flag doesn't billow, but just move by the motion of the astronauts. To us, the flag waves in a very weird manner, because there is no air! Oh, and the funny thing is, the astronauts even mention that it looks like it's billowing, if NASA's faking lunar landings, why would they say that?

2. Haga says "The shadows' directions aren't pointing to the same direction. Thus, lighting was used. So they were taken on Earth."
 Right, so let's look at the pic. The moon has a lot of uneven ground, and the 2D photo probably doesnt show it. Plus, There are a lot of light that reaches the moon- from the sun, the Earth, and the light reflected from the surface of the moon-, so I don't think this is a big problem. It's a trick of the eye.

3. Haga says"Even when someone is in the shadow, he isn't blacked out, and looks like a lighting was used."
This is a photo of Buzz Aldrin getting off the ladder, and though he' in the shadow, he looks sharp and clear.
It's because, the moon's sand reflects a lot of light and so the reflected light is lighting Buzz.

Fmm..., this is taking longer than I thought. So, I'm gonna make this part 1 of the Apollo conspiracy-theory-buster blog posts, and probably finish it in 3 or 4 parts.
So bye for now!

Note; I've written part 2.

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