Mar 7, 2011

Warning: Do Not Read This Book About the Apollo Mission

This book is ridiculous.
Title: "Did The Apollo Really Go To The Moon?"
By: M. Haga
Translated by: Haga Masamitsu

If you haven't even heard of this book, it's all right. I'm sure you already noticed the weird thing about the writer and the translator's names. And you're right. They are the same people. (Told you it was ridiculous!) There is only a Japanese version this book.

So, anyway, this book is saying, "Apollo didn't go to the moon, the moon shots were taken on the Earth", but there isn't even a sentence that literally. Haga just asks the reader to decide for himself. (by the way, I don't even know why people say that we didn't go to the moon.)

There were a lot of facts that are wrong and/or explainable in the book, and when I counted the mistakes, there was a grand total of 10. Unbelievable.

I'll cover each and every one of them on my next post, and definitely prove that mankind went to the moon.

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