Mar 14, 2011

Twitter rules learnt from the earthquake in Japan

Many Japanese people used Twitter to let people know that they were all right after the earthquake.

The unofficial (parody) account of Sazae-san retweeted tweets of missing people and tips to survive without electricity and stuff. My friends did, too. And some other people tried to gain attention by tweeting fake info about blackouts, gas, water, etc.
But, even though these things might be inevitable, we should follow a few rules(more like manners) when we tweet. This disaster in Japan let us learn a lot about those things.

  • The most important thing is to not trust tweets that aren't from official accounts(these have checkmarks on their profile). You wouldn't trust it if some stranger told you that - say- Facebook was gonna end tomorrow, right?(and the Facebook thing's just an example, it's not true)
  • If you can trust the person, and you want everyone to know about, then you can retweet. 
  • Wait! Are you using the unofficial retweet system?
    Unofficial ones are the ones that say "RT @(account name) (the tweet)". Some people use it. But Don'tuse the unofficial retweet. Why? There are many reasons.
    One being, when a tweet had a wrong piece of info in it, the tweeter would erase it, right? Problem solved. But, if someone uses the unofficial retweet, the tweet won't be gone! So the wrong info starts to go around the web. And what's worse is that the unofficial retweeter is to blame. You might feel the guilt
    So don't. 
To summarize,

don't trust tweeters that are strangers. Use the official retweet.

Today's earthquake photos
cars in line for a gas station- we might not get resupplied for a while, so they're frantic

More cars in line for gas

There were 14 cars in all when I took this photo.

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