Mar 31, 2011

Site Update- this month's overview of the visitors to my blog

I decided to do an overview of this blog's performance (such as visitors and pageviews) at the end of evvery month, if I don't forget.
This is the graph for all time, from January when I started the blog.
overview of site stats
Just look at that spike in the graph! This month was an extraordinary one, in fact, more visitors came than double the sum of visitors in the past months! About 1,000 came here in March.
The most refereed sites (places where people came from) were:
1. google- 154
2. ustream- 41
3. facebook- 27
4. google(uk)- 27
5. twitter- 26
and so on
One of the reasons so many people came here is because of the earthquake in Japan, I think. I did a few blog posts dedicated to that. Yeah, this month was a long one. It's 20 days from the earthquake, but there are STILL aftershocks from time to time!
Another reason is probably because I learnt some HTML. There was this book that taught me a bit about SEO(search engine optimization), and there were some helpful tips there, that I could use by editing HTML. That is what I think led to google being in the first place.

Visitors to this blog:
1. America- 339
2.Japan- 208 (oh and mine isn't counted)
3. Hungary- 51
4. Britian- 45
and the list goes on.

One last data before we go. This is the most interesting of them all, I think. The search keywords:
1. "drift bottle app"- 4
2. "satellite images of space"- 2
3. "3DS isn't worth it"(which I agree)- 2
4. "europa moon surface"- 2

Tomorrow's already April, which means we survived 1/4 of the year. But will you survive on April fool's? Happy fooling!

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