Mar 13, 2011

Earthquake Coverage- what's going on in the city

Japan earthquake people buying batteries
people buying batteries and stuff
ヤマダ電機 テレビが付いていない tvs turned off
The latest trend- tvs with blank screens!
crack on the street by the earthquake in Japan
Small crack on the street
It's been a few days after the earthquake that hit the northern part of Japan, and most of the damage in Tokyo was fixed. (or so I thought.)
Well, it's my birthday today!!! I wonder If how much I should celebrate, with all the victims of the quake and tsunami. I might do it belated.

Today I went out to Shinjuku(southern part of Tokyo) with my family. We first went to Yamada Electronics( sort of like Best Buy) and the first thing I realized was, "isn't it a bit too quiet here?" There were many people there, so I didn't know why I felt so. Then, when I went to the tv section it hit. All the tv screens were turned off! It's because the nuclear power plant that broke down and we don't have enough electricity. There might be a blackout sometime soon. Some birthday. Anyway, that's why they were turned off, to save electricity. The weird thing about this save-energy-thing is that it's not for the environment, it's for ourselves. Maybe that's why everyone's so fussed up about it.
We then went to Uni Qlo, the clothes store. Their warehouse is near the place where the earthquake hit, so the guy in the store was saying that they might run out of clothes soon. They were saving energy too, by closing the store early at 6 pm. 

Bonus pic- ammonite embedded in a department store's banister.
I'm thinking to do "special editions"about the earthquake in Japan for a few more days. Diane Sawyer from ABC arrived at Japan a few hours ago, and I'm sure she's gonna report from Japan on the next world news.

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