Mar 18, 2011

The Orbiter Vehicle of the Space Shuttle

There are 6 orbiters in all;
Atlantis,. Challenger, Columbia, Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise.

Not many people don't know about Enterprise, and that's probably because it was made as a test vehicle to test flights and landings, and so it didn't have onboard engines.

The pressurized cabin(where there's air to breathe) on the space shuttle is made of 3 parts.

Flight deck
The shuttle's commander and co-pilot sits here, along with two mission specialists in the back.
The airlock on the ISS
It's located below the flight deck, and there are 3 more seats here, for other crew members. Also, the galley, toilet, sleep locations, storage lockers, the door to get in and out of the shuttle, and the airlock. The airlock is used in spacewalks, because, with the airlock, they won't have to depressurize the whole cabin.
Utility area

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