Mar 25, 2011

New Stuff in Google Chrome 11

I think it's still a beta version still, but the browser was updated automatically. I sort of freaked out at the new logo. It looks so flat, I liked the older more 3-dimensional icon a lot more.
Anyway, I don't think browsing speed sped up so much in this version, this update's more like rounding the edges. My bookmark bar was almost used up in the former version, but on this version the space each of them took up was probably lessened so I have space for about 2 more bookmarks.
Other than that, I don't see a lot of changes in this version of Chrome.

It was a shock when I first started using Chrome. I'm using Vista right now (wanna change to a Mac but my parents seem to prefer Windows, though in my opinion they're slow and crash a lot) , and before Chrome, I used Internet Explorer. IE's really slow, and I can't believe I was able to stand that speed. Then, so I can at least "feel" like I'm using a Mac, I switched to Safari, Apple's browser (I think it came with the iTunes software). Transferring bookmarks was a bit boring, but when I used it, the speed!! It was amazing. Felt 10 times faster than IE. So I was happy with Safari for a month or so, but then my friend from school recommended me to use Google Chrome. He said something like "Once you go Chrome, you can't go back"(of course, in Japanese). I thought Safari was enough for me, but nevertheless I gave it a try and downloaded it...
Safari's the one with the compass icon. 
At first I thought it was some kinda map application...

First thing I noticed was that the tabs are the primary structure on Chrome. And then, the speed of browsing was again, amazing! I think of it as like a "Safari on steroids". So now, Chrome is my default internet browser. People say that the new Internet Explorer is amazingly fast, but on my PC it just crashes a lot. Weird.

Bottom line;
You should try Google Chrome for once. You'll be surprised for sure.
You can download it here.

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