Mar 11, 2011

More about the Earthquake

Today on March 11, 2:46 pm, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 hit Japan's northern area. (by the way the one in New Zealand was M6.3.) Tokyo, where I live, is in the middle of Japan, but still it shaked a lot. Maybe it's because I live on the 8th floor of a 11-story apartment building.
This is my house. It was shaking around like crazy! I took this vid about 30 mins after the quake, but still it was shaking from time to time. Almost all the train lines have stopped here, so my dad's now walking home from work.
Some people have died from this quake, and some missing from the tsunami. Living in Japan, you always have a chance of encountering a quake. Luckily, my friends and family seem to be all right.

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