Mar 28, 2011

Mars; The Red Planet [part 1- basic info]

Mars and Earth compared

The hotly-anticipated (I hope so) Mars feature to cerebrate 1,000 pageviews of this blog.

Mars is half the size of earth, and the 4th planet from the sun.It actually has 4 seasons, just like our planet. But it's very cold there- only a few degrees Celsius at daytime and even drops to -100degrees C during the night.. This is mostly because of Mars' weak gravity(1/3 of Earth's), which can't hold enough atmosphere to keep the climate warm.

It takes 24 and a half hours to rotate around its axis. It may look like a good thing for Martian space explorations, because the length of a day is similar to that of the mission control on Earth and the rover or whatever equipment (or humans, soon) on Mars. But according to an expert, it's not. She said that it's pretty confusing, because the time difference gets more pronounced later.

After a month on Earth, there'll be a time  lag of 15 hours on Mars. Which would be pretty weird. Will future manned missions to Mars use the time on Earth to keep track, or the one on Mars?

In part 2, I'll probably write about explorations to Mars.


  1. Anonymous3/28/2011

    Yeah the lag time of as u say 15ish hours would make things bizzare!! imagine how confusing that would get if u lived on Mars and tried to keep track of a time... espcially with the lag.. u would have a martian time, and a earth time, and somehow timestamp what earth will "know" in 7 1/2 hours, cross reference it back and forth,tc.. not to mention time zones on earth and mars(if/when we inhabit it), daylight savings time and to top that off, leap years!!


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  3. Hi Cozezien,
    It WILL be really confusing...
    The Japanese government is considering daylight savings time (cuz there isn't enough electricity with the power plant broken down and all that), but I think it will complicate things even more.

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