Mar 6, 2011

Life Found in a Meteorite(again)??

bacteria in meteorite
Remember this photo? This was taken like 15 years ago and it's a meteorite from Mars, and the worm-thing was thought to be a microbe or something, and it raised a lot of speculations about life on Mars. In my opinion, it does look like a bacteria to me, and if it's so, it'll be great. But, the meteorite is like millions of years old and so even if it's real, I don't think there is life on Mars now anymore. Maybe there'll be fossils there, I don't know.

Anyway, to the topic of this post; A meteorite with a microbe-looking thing has been found in a meteorite(again). It's published in the Journal of Cosmology. So, where is it from?(or rather, where did the bacteria get in?)

The worm-thing is thought to be a cyanobacteria, and they are found in places that have water. But the meteorite is made by a material that falls apart when exposed to water.
Fmm... I guess the temporary conclusion now could be that it really is an alien microbe. Maybe.

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