Mar 4, 2011

iPad 2- it's just as we expected

Today I'll skim the features of the all-new iPad 2. Just skimming, so be patient.
I'm sure you've already heard a lot about it, so I'll just list them.

It's thinner and lighter. This thickness is really amazing, it's even thinner than the iPhone.
An all-new design. It looks a lot like the iPod touch, except that it comes in black and white(unlike the iPhone 4, they'll start selling the white version on the same day as the black type).
A faster processor called A5. Darn, and I thought the A4 chip on my iPod was great! I guess I can't run away from progress.
Two cameras. The front camera is okay(though no one ever really uses Facetime), but who's gonna use this to take videos or photos? When I think of a place where everyone is taking pictures with this, it's just amusing.

And, finally, the smart case sold separately. what I first thought when I saw this was, "it looks like one of those bathtub covers in Japan". Compare it;

But the biggest surprise to me was that Steve Jobs appeared at the presentation. Not just be there, but he led the keynote! He was really ill until just recently, so in my opinion he should just wait.

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